Different types of hangers and their uses

Published: 22nd June 2011
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Hangers are designed keeping in mind the architecture of human shoulders. Long back in the year 1869, hangers were invented but the commercial use began in the year 1906 where wooden clothes hangers were the first to be there in place. Hangers are used to keep our clothes in an arranged order and that saves lot of space. Hangers are space savers in a sense that the product is available in different shapes, sizes, and length according to the buyers demand. Few hangers packs are there contain 20 small polypropylene connectors which are 4.8cm in length and 2cm wide. Hangers are useful to use the idle spaces in your bedroom, dormitory, laundry / utility room or bathroom.

Three types of hangers are mainly available in the market namely: Wooden clothes hangers, Plastic Hangers and Metal Hangers. The selection of the above mentioned types of hangers largely depend on the individual choices and the actual needs.

Metal Hangers are chosen because of their durability in the long run. Starting from the heavy coats to long trousers it is always preferable to go for the metal hangers. Also this particular type of hangers looks smart in the wardrobe. There is totally no worry about breaking metal hangers. There is another thought of recycling the metal hangers. But because of the low percentage of steel the recyclers do not prefer the metal hangers in these days. In addition because of low or no steel materials, there is always chance to get rust on the metal hangers and thatís why the preferences are getting reduced. Wire hangers come under this category.

Plastic Hangers are most commonly used in the households and also at the commercial outlets. The hangers are attractive comes with different colors, they are long lasting, easy to carry, resistant to wears and tears and affordable. Even some of the hangers merchant insists the customer to buy plastic hangers. This class of hangers is versatile and appropriate for hanging light weighted clothes like kids wear, few types of ladies wear etc. Plastic hangers are largely used by the garment shops and the malls. So far the prices are concerned; plastic hangers are more cost effective as compared to the metal hangers. This signifies why plastic hangers are in use heavily.

Prior to the invention of plastics, metal hangers and wooden clothes hangers were in use. Wooden hangers were the first to arrive to serve the households. But eventually due to the scarcity and the expensive, less fashionable item, the wooden clothes hangers were put in sideline. Nowadays the wooden hanger is rarest item to see.
Even though the wooden clothes hangers are costly but few rich men are still there who really afford the hangers. This particular hangers are sophisticated, sharp looking, can bear the load of heavy coats, protected from wear & tear, long lasting. Only thing is that wooden clothes hangers are weighted a bit.

We have briefly described the features, advantages, and disadvantages of three types of hangers. Readers must read and think on fact which suite them better.
Author Bio: Jon Smith is a renowned business analysts and technical writer for over 8 years. He has consulted over the household industries to transport industry. He is currently consulting on the hangers industry in UK. Ha has delivered few business models on wooden clothes hangers and plastic hangers.

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